Puppy has a new home!

I had several enquiries about our little chap and he has a new home! I know he will be a blessing to his new family and wish them all a long happy life together!


One Little Boy…

I have a super little boy puppy available from our Dec 2016 litter. He is a soft handsome little chap and has great conformation. He is friendly and cuddly and is looking for his new family. I would love to keep him, but cannot use him for stud in my kennel as he is related to all the others. He would make a great stud! R8000 includes everything except transport (KUSA registration, microchip, KUSA Health certificate, inoculations, deworming).

Please e-mail me (karenblack@global.co.za) or

call me if you are interested: 011-462-3781.


Play play sleep all day

What do the pups do all day? Play and sleep and eat and sleep. They have discovered that they have siblings. It is great fun to head butt each other and then roll over and wrestle. Sometimes they chase each other’s tails or bite each other’s ears. In the process they are learning to control their biting (bit inhibitor) – learning not to bite hard but to “play nice” with each other. Of course, in the process the “bed” gets all upset and the underlining of newspaper  below the blankets becomes a target for play… pulling, shredding and messing it all up. What fun!


The grass

Today the pups were allowed to explore the grass during their outing. It is so lovely to see them feel, look at, and (yes) taste the grass for the first time. They have also graduated onto Mother-and-Baby-Dog kibble, made specially for puppies up to 2 months of age. With all the millions of dollars/euros Royal Canin have spent on researching the best recipes, we choose to feed the pups kibble, as that is what most of them will eat for the rest of their lives. Royal Canin makes one of the best first-foods for puppies. The little guys enjoyed using their teeth and biting the crunchy pellets.

Stand up and Eat!

The pups are now able to stay awake a little longer. They are able to reach Jade’s teats while she stands, which is now her preferred method of feeding. Although Jade has 10 teats and there are 9 pups, they still manage to knock each other off when they over-balance. So it is a bit of a scramble to re-connect.But every one can reach and every one gets his/ her share of milkshake.

Outside into the big wide world!

Today was the pups first outing into the big wide world. They were loaded into the washing basket and carried out to a prepared picnic area on the grass where they had lunch. Their first few meals of “real” food was mushed into porridge to make eating it easier. Some were hesitant at first but soon enjoyed their lunch. Pretty soon they were all fast asleep – after lunch nap… until….. Mommy Jade came along. As Jade cleaned up, the pups had their dessert of mommy-milk-shake.


The pups now respond every time I go into their room. They wake up and look around to see who is there and when I greet them they respond with little barks and growls. They are discovering each other and gum each other in play….. for about 2 mins at a time before they go to sleep again.  Their little teeth are just about to break through their gums… I am sure by next week we will have some little points and then weaning will start.

We can hear!

Yesterday evening I went into the puppy room and greeted the babies as I usually do and got a greeting back!! The little ears are starting to open! Almost all the pups woke up and “looked” around / turned their heads to see / smell what was there. One little pup even growled and barked at me!! Such a sweet little hi-pitch bark …. trying so hard to sound aggressive! 🙂


One Week old – all good

The puppies are a week old now and have doubled their birth weights. It is always so interesting to see how within one litter some pups are naturally bigger and some naturally smaller. Nevertheless every pup is well and strong and growing. They spend all day (and night) just sleeping, eating and growing. Jade still stimulates their little tummies for bowel movements which she cleans by licking (nappy change). [I am so glad I am not a mommy-dog!] Jade herself is well and healing very nicely from her operation. She likes to go out for sunshine and fresh air for 10 – 20 mins two or three times a day. Otherwise she is busy sleeping, feeding, cleaning and making milk.

The bars in the puppy box are stop Jade lying right up against the side in case she squashes a puppy. Pups “swim” all around her – they cant walk yet. They still do puppy-crawling / ‘swimming’.


Pictures on Birth Day