Our Dog Children

MAC (Southern Star Mac Mac Roy of Karisah)

First dog in Karisah Kennels

Old Boy “Mac”

THE FIRST DOG registered with Karisah’s name was MAC (Southern Star Mac Mac Roy of Karisah). He is a Gordon Setter and was adopted by Karisah Kennels in January 2002. He attended obedience classes and made it to Novice Class before he went blind.  We tried save his eyes with an operation, but it was not successful. This meant that he was unable to be used for breeding purposes and we decided to switch to breeding Irish Setters. Mac managed life very well as his eyes faded. He managed to find his way around his garden by feel and smell. We had to put up little garden fences around obstacle (trees, pond, garden features) to help him find his way.

Founding Breed Dog

OUR FOUNDING PAIR of Irish Setter stock are  SHAMUS (CH Whiston Aisling of Karisah) and THANDI (CH Oakdale Loveknot of Karisah). They were born in January and February 2004 respectively. Thandi (her name means “Beloved” in Zulu) was born on Valentine’s Day – hence her registered name “Loveknot” and her calling name “Thandi”. Sadly we lost Thandi in 2009 after complications from surgery.

Both Shamus and Thandi began school in May 2004 when they attended Puppy School. This is an important step in the development of any puppy as they learn to accept funny noises, new textures and they learn basic commands – sit, down, stand, heel. From there they went on to formal obedience training.

Shamus passed the “Basic” test in June 2005 and the  “Novice” test in May 200. He is currently in the “Advanced” class. We began showing him in August 2005, where he achieved his first Challenge Certificate at Goldfields. He became a Show Champion in November 2005. We began Agility classes in October 2005 and  Shamus loved working with Chris on the different obstacles and jumps. Chris & Shamus did their first Agility Competition in August 2007 and went on to earn several ribbons and win several prizes. Unfortunately work commitments prevented us from continuing. Shamus has sired four litters. Shamus is a wonderful dog who loves to lie under one of our desks while we work.


Thandi in the meantime became a Mommy for the first time in October 2006 when she gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies – 4 boys and 5 girls. She made a very good mother. It was amazing to see how her instinct kicked in with looking after her little ones. (See “First litter” page for more of her own and her puppies’s experiences.) We kept two puppies from this litter – ABIGAIL (CH Karisah Abigail) and RADLEY(CH Karisah Alfred), both of whom are also Show Champions.

ABIGAIL (CH Karisah Abigail)

Abigail – total adoration

Abigail is a pup from our first litter, born in October 2006. She and her litter brother Radley are part of the first offspring of our

founding pair – Shamus and Thandi. Abi started showing in May 2008 and won her first Challenege Certificate at Highway Kennel Club in Durban. She achieved Show Champion status in October 2008.She has also passed “Basic” obedience is enjoys being in the Novice class. She is a gentle affectionate dog who loves getting her belly wet on hot days by jumping into our fish pond (now ex-fish pond). She has whelped two litters to date and we plan to breed one more litter out of her before retiring her

Radley – ready to play …. ANY time!

RADLEY (CH Karisah Alfred)

The litter brother of Abigail, yet so different in character. Radley has a HUGE play drive and is ready to play with anyone at any time – any game will do, but chasing a knotted rope on a ski-rope is his favourite game, especially if it involves jumping and catching! Radley is also a show champion and is currently in Advanced Obedience class.

Cherry – great watch dog

CHERRY BERRY (CH Karisah Bordeaux Beauty)

Cherry Berry is a puppy from our second litter, born May 2007. She and her sister “Blessing” who we also kept form the same litter, attended Puppy Classes in September 2007. Although she has passed the “Basic” obedience test, she does not enjoy dog school and so rarely attends training. She achieved her first Challenge Certificate in March 2009 at Vereeniging and Districts Kennel Club and became a Show Champion in May 2008. She is a sweet little thing who loves to chase Copper. She is a great little watchdog and doesn’t allow anyone onto the property without getting barked at first.

Copper – the stud!

COPPER (CH Shineon Able Aidan of Karisah)

Copper was born in November 2007 and came to us from Shineon Kennel. From a pup he was a big boy. He attended puppy classes in February 2008 and his first show in March 2009 when he received his first Challenge Certificate at Roodepoort and Districts Kennel Club. He became a Show Champion in July 2009. Copper passed the “Basic” obedience test and is currently in ‘Novice” class, almost ready to test for “Advanced” class. He is a very affectionate boy and love to swim and chase reflections, butterflies and shadows.

Rusty – most affectionate of all

RUSTY (Karisah Delta Victory)

Rusty was born in June 2009 out of Abigail and sired by Copper. He is the most affectionate of all our dogs and really enjoys his food. He is in Basic Obedience and seems to enjoy the training. He will be shown later in 2011, as our work timetable allows.

Jade – most elegant

JADE (Fenris Just Jade of Karisah)

Jade was born in January 2010 and came to us from Fenris Kennels in Natal. She is still in Basic Obedience and has not been shown yet, but we plan to shor her later in 2011. She had her first litter in June 2012 – 6 boys and 3 girls and made a very good mommy-dog.

  1. Irene Valentine

    I love your pics and story of your dog children !!
    I am contacting you, in the hopes that you may hear of a large breed adult male setter needing a home.

    I am an Irish Setter person. Two weeks ago I had to put down my almost 11year old male Irish Setter, Rufus. Heartbroken…
    Rufus was 41kgs. My previous male Bishop was also 40kgs. I’d love to send you a photo. We didn’t show either of them.

    We adopted Rufus at 4years old, his previous family were downsizing to a golf estate.
    He has been my best friend. He was my 8th setter, we used to breed in the 80s. Over past 10years, our last 3 dogs were adopted.
    Although we have always had Irish, and would prefer Irish, I am not averse to adopting a male Gordon or English Setter. At present I have a female spaniel which I adopted in December when her owner died.
    I live on a secure well managed plot in Honeydew.

    Thanks for your assistance.
    Kind regards
    Irene Valentine
    082 859 4447

    • Hi Irene
      Thanks for your enquiry! I am sorry for your loss – I know how hard it is when our dog-children leave us. I will contact the other breeders in SA and see if we can find a boy needing a new home.Kind regards

  2. petro greeff

    Hi Karen,

    I was wondering if you have a boy I could use for a covering? We spoke about a year ago and Kara is now 3years. I am having her x-rays done tomorrow.


    • Hi Petro
      Good to hear from you again. I sure do have a stud for you! Let’s talk more on the phone. We will need to look at the pedigree and other paper work. In the meantime it is good that you are getting Kara’s hips and elbows x-rayed. Let’s chat more. Do you have my tel no / email address? Or maybe you can send me yours.
      Kind regards

  3. Hi Karen.
    Are you planning a litter anytime this year? I’m looking for a companion for my year old Rough Collie, and both my mom and dad had setters growing up and have said what incredible family companions they were. Are your setters work or show dogs?
    Warm regards,

    • Hi Helen
      Thank you for your enquiry. We are waiting for our next “mommy” to come into season. Our dogs are show dogs, although they have the inherent hunting instinct. I have seen them ‘hunt’ Ibises (birds) as a pack with incredible results. I have added your details to our waiting list and will let you know when I have some news about puppies. Kind regards

  4. Hi Karen

    We have been admiring your dogs from afar for a while now and I thought it was time to get in touch. We are hoping to one day become proud setter parents and add a gorgeous pup to our family. Please let me know how we would get into a waiting list to get notifications of when you may have litters? RegardsLeithe

  5. Deborah Cerva

    Hi there,

    I’ve been looking into getting a little lady early 2018.
    I live in Cape Town, but plan to move to Jburg in Jan. The house I’ll be in has a very big garden and a pool! And I can’t wait to have a puppy child!!!! There is no problem coming to view and meet you. I’m sure each person involved with taking a new pup should be inspected too.

    But first. Are there any planned litters for the beginning of 2018?

    • Hi Deborah! Thanks for your enquiry. YES! We are planning a litter towards the end of the year, which means the pups will likely be ready to go to their new homes early 2018. I will add your details to my “Interested” list and let you know when we have a litter on the way.

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