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Outside into the big wide world!

Today was the pups first outing into the big wide world. They were loaded into the washing basket and carried out to a prepared picnic area on the grass where they had lunch. Their first few meals of “real” food was mushed into porridge to make eating it easier. Some were hesitant at first but soon enjoyed their lunch. Pretty soon they were all fast asleep – after lunch nap… until….. Mommy Jade came along. As Jade cleaned up, the pups had their dessert of mommy-milk-shake.



The pups now respond every time I go into their room. They wake up and look around to see who is there and when I greet them they respond with little barks and growls. They are discovering each other and gum each other in play….. for about 2 mins at a time before they go to sleep again.  Their little teeth are just about to break through their gums… I am sure by next week we will have some little points and then weaning will start.

We can hear!

Yesterday evening I went into the puppy room and greeted the babies as I usually do and got a greeting back!! The little ears are starting to open! Almost all the pups woke up and “looked” around / turned their heads to see / smell what was there. One little pup even growled and barked at me!! Such a sweet little hi-pitch bark …. trying so hard to sound aggressive! 🙂


Play time!

We’ve had some major events in a puppy’s life this week! Firstly they got introduced to toys. The most loved toys are the soft toys with a squeek or a bell in them. The pups compete over them and tug at them. Chew toys are liked by some for biting, but not all the pups like the rubbery texture / taste (I’m not sure which).

Some hints about Toys for Puppy: by pet toys not children toys. They are tougher and not filled with any fillings that could be dangerous for puppies. Also, the “fluff” doesn’t come off to choke puppy. All toys should be safe and not have eyes, noses or ears that can be pulled off and swallowed. Make sure all appendages are well stitched on.We had a dog who swallowed a ferule from a garden chair which blocked up her plumbing and had to be operated on to remove it. (Costly and stressful). If you search under “toys” on this blog I have written a piece all about toys for puppies.

So here are the little ones with some of their toys.



The world gets bigger

At last it has been warm enough to take the puppies outside! Gosh it HAS been cold this past week!  The little ones got loaded into a washing basket (2 baskets actually) and carried out to a “Picnic blanket” on the lawn, where they had lunch.


As usual they spilled their kibble on the blanket, which was shaken out and cleaned up by the big dogs afterwards.

Once they had had enough to eat and were falling asleep in the sun, we re-loaded them in the baskets and took them back indoors. Molly came to check on them and they were all clambering to get their after-lunch “milkshake”.



Nails cut

Everything grows on the pups, ears, legs, bodies…. and nails!! They are long enough now to scratch Molly when they feed, so I had to get out the tinies nail clippers I could and trim all the little nails. Do you know how many nails a puppy has?

Answer: 5 on each front paw and 4 on each back paw. There are 10 puppies with 18 nails each…..okay so maybe I missed a few. I literally trim off 1mm from each nail-just enough to take off the sharp point.



Although the little ones have grown, they are still tiny. They are like cute little live teddy bears.


Eyes opening!

The pups are two weeks old this weekend and their little eyes are starting to open! The pups cannot see yet, although I think they can see some light. The little eyes are blue and as they open more and the pups start seeing, they will turn to brown.

Puppies walk!

The puppies are so funny! They cannot see or hear, but they are already trying to get their balance to walk!! They wobble along on their little legs and then fall over because they are top-heavy. The funnies part is that they are walking flat-footed!! This means that they trip over their own big feet! This reminds me of Richard Scary’s books, where the dogs  illustrations always showed the animals walking on flat feet. They need to learn to walk on their toes!




Puppy heap

The little ones are starting to recognise siblings and realise that there is warmth, comfort and protection in a heap, especially when Molly is out for a bit.



See how small the hep is relative to the box. Watch this heap grow in size over the next few week