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Coats and clothes

Our dogs come with their own coats, which they grow and groom themselves. We give them a weekly brush (and trim if necessary), which they love. They queue up for their weekly brushing! In winter they grow thicker coats and in summer they wear their light weight summer coats. But they all have the same favourite shade of red – some call it mahogany, some call it chestnut, some call it red. The coats are soft and warm and work very well. We used to put blanket jackets on them, but they seem happier without the “clutter”. In fact, many of our dogs like to go for a ‘swim’ in the fish pond, which they do right into winter. So clearly they are not affected by the cold as much as we seem to think.

The puppies wear special camouflage coats which are all brown in colour. All the better to hide from potential predators in the wild. As they grow their coats will change colour.