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Saturday afternoons

We have real dogs now –not just brown bundles of fur. The little ones’ eyes are open although it will still take some time for their vision to become clear and defined. They can definitely hear! I just have to open the door and step into their room and they wake up. And they can walk!! Some can walk as many as 12 steps before topping over or flopping down! We are still up every 3 hours in the night to check on the littlest pup and to give her the extra feeds she needs. She is doing so well is slowly gaining weight, although she is still half of what the rest of the litter weigh.

Here are some pics of how the pups spend their Saturday afternoons…….

Saturday afternoon nap

My brother is my pillow

Maagie vol, oogies toe

Favourite past time – sleep, sleep


“Baby dog”

We have one pup that is not as big and strong as the rest. In old terminology she would be called the “runt” of the litter. We suspect she is the one that did not want ot get born – staying in 6 hours longer than her preceding sibling. At first we nicknamed her “Skinny” but have since changed that to “Baby Dog”. For the fist two weeks of her life she struggled to get more than 50 grams above her birth weight. But she crossed the 550g mark this morning!! And had a huge breakfast! We have been giving her extra feeds to help her get the nourishment she needs. She seems weak than the others and could not suckle for as long as they did. So it was easy for the bigger  and stronger pups to knock her off her teat. We had to buy some Baby Dog formula from the vet, which we mixed up and gave her via a small syringe to help get the nutrition into her. She does not like the formula so much and prefers the real milk from Jade. So we now latch her onto Jade between meals.

This is one of her extra private meals. I put her on lots of towels and cover her with face cloths to keep her warm while she has her special meal. Isn’t she cute?! She gets more attention and love from us than any other pup. We weigh her often to see how she grows. And we are both protective over her when she feeds with the other pups. See her on one of the attached pics. We make sure that the bigger pups don’t knock her off her teat while she feeds. She’s like a little bonsai puppy at the moment, but we expect her to take off on a growth spurt when they are weaning.

Baby Dog on the right

Private meal

Mom and Babe after a private meal 

One Week Old!

Well, the little ones are doing beautifully! We had a bit of a scare on Friday night when one of the little girls seemed to be fading. She was listless and did not want to drink. Her little belly seemed distended for some reason – we still don’t know why. We did everything we could think of to revive her. I even called the 24 hour emergency vet at about 1am in the morning to see if I was missing something. Then we decided to pray for her, and amazingly the next time we checked on her 1.5 hours later she had recovered and Chris was able to help her latch onto a teat again. She is a little thinner than the others, but is doing very well. She is a strong little fighter and gets a “fast forward” to the teats whenever we go in to check on them. We check every 1.5 or 2 hours throughout the day and night, especially to see that the temperature in the box remains constant at a toasty 30 – 32 degrees, as they cannot keep their body heat until they are about a week old, and to see if there are any ‘problems’. Jade usually gets served some cold fresh water (and offered food) at every check-in, which not only keeps her cool and hydrated, but helps her produce her milk. She loves vegetables, so she usually gets some home made vegetable soup with her meals.

Jade is a very relaxed mom and is happy to take a few minutes break from her babies every now and then. I guess it must be pretty boring and lonely to be sucked on all day and all night and have nothing to do except “nappy changes” and sleep. Jade’s two jobs are: to feed the babies and to lick their bellies and eat whatever they produce. (aren’t you glad you’re not a mommy dog?!?!)

The pups are wonderful to watch and their room is the warmest in the house at a cozy 30-32 degrees! They cannot see or hear yet, but ‘swim’ around their box, pulling themselves along with their little arms and pushing with their little legs. Sometimes they end up on the wrong side of the mommy-mountain and have to swim their way around to the front side where the milk shop is. It is amazing how quickly they have learnt to navigate and have no problem smelling out where their milk is. Sometimes they have to climb over the obstacles of mommy-mountain’s legs, but they manage incredibly well. The little noses are working excellently! If Jade leaves them for a few minutes, they know exactly when she returns and come swimming towards her for their next feed, usually making a big squealy racket in the process. And boy can they make a noise?! They don’t like to have their ‘nappies changed’ and put up a big fuss, squealing all the while she is busy licking their little bellies. But Jade is merciless with the hygiene in the box. There is not a poop or a wee to be seen!

They seem to take turns to feed, as there are never more than 6 pups on the teats at a time, although Jade has 10 teats. Sometimes only one or two pups feed together. When they’re not eating, they sleep. They twitch in their sleep , which is perfectly normal as their little muscles grow – it’s quite cute to see. They have already gained about 150 – 200 grams since birth, which is perfectly on schedule. So here are a few pictures of them today.

One week old

Going around mommy-mountain

Tummy full – thanks Mom!