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Outside into the big wide world!

Today was the pups first outing into the big wide world. They were loaded into the washing basket and carried out to a prepared picnic area on the grass where they had lunch. Their first few meals of “real” food was mushed into porridge to make eating it easier. Some were hesitant at first but soon enjoyed their lunch. Pretty soon they were all fast asleep – after lunch nap… until….. Mommy Jade came along. As Jade cleaned up, the pups had their dessert of mommy-milk-shake.



The pups now respond every time I go into their room. They wake up and look around to see who is there and when I greet them they respond with little barks and growls. They are discovering each other and gum each other in play….. for about 2 mins at a time before they go to sleep again.  Their little teeth are just about to break through their gums… I am sure by next week we will have some little points and then weaning will start.

The world gets bigger

At last it has been warm enough to take the puppies outside! Gosh it HAS been cold this past week!  The little ones got loaded into a washing basket (2 baskets actually) and carried out to a “Picnic blanket” on the lawn, where they had lunch.


As usual they spilled their kibble on the blanket, which was shaken out and cleaned up by the big dogs afterwards.

Once they had had enough to eat and were falling asleep in the sun, we re-loaded them in the baskets and took them back indoors. Molly came to check on them and they were all clambering to get their after-lunch “milkshake”.



Weaning Begins!

Its time! Poor Molly is struggling to keep up with demand. She has the monopoly on the Puppy Milk market, but demand is simply too great. Enter Mother-and-Baby puppy starter food. The little ones took to it like they have been eating it all their lives. It always amazes me that they know immediately that it is edible and they start eating it without a thought!


Molly came in a did a great job cleaning up afterwards.IMG_0407

Three to four weeks old

Jade seldomIMG_1457 lies down to feed – the pups are getting too big and competitive on her teats.






She now prefers to stand and let the pups reach up and feed off her as she steadies herself to their sucking and pulling on her. I can feel little teeth breaking through. When they bite her, she walks of and leaves them.


















We started the weaning process with the pups first meal of “porridge”. First they sniffed it, then some ventured to taste it. They all had a taste and ate a small amount each. Jade cleaned up once they had finished. Then the box got its daily sterilizing and refreshing. Today (30 July) the pups went on to the grass for the first time, where they had their second meal of porridge. Needless to say faces, ears feet all got porridged.

















As Jade cleaned their bowls, they swallowed it all down with a sip from the “milk lorry”. Then was time for a bit of exploring.



Picnic on the lawn

After yesterday’s mess in the puppy box, we went onto the lawn for today’s meals, which was ground up puppy chunks mixed with water to form a soft porridge. Well, it was even messier than the tinned food. But the pups seemed to enjoy it. Jade once again cleaned everything and everyone up afterwards. When the tummy is full, the little eyes close …. all pups fell asleep on the lawn. They were gently loaded and carried back to their puppy box to nap.

IMG_2757 IMG_2746 IMG_2744 IMG_2762














IMG_2795 IMG_2797 IMG_2791

Weaning begins

Today the pups had a new experience…. trying food instead of milk. They got tinned Baby Dog food for their first ‘solid’ meal, which smelled delicious (for a dog). They immediately knew it was good for eating and all climbed in – sharing a bowl between 2 or 3 pups. Needless to say it was a messy fun time with paws in the bowls too. Somehow food managed to get spread far and wide.  Jade loved cleaning up after! And the pups loved Mommy-milk for desert.

IMG_2722IMG_2729 IMG_2733