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Play play sleep all day

What do the pups do all day? Play and sleep and eat and sleep. They have discovered that they have siblings. It is great fun to head butt each other and then roll over and wrestle. Sometimes they chase each other’s tails or bite each other’s ears. In the process they are learning to control their biting (bit inhibitor) – learning not to bite hard but to “play nice” with each other. Of course, in the process the “bed” gets all upset and the underlining of newspaper  below the blankets becomes a target for play… pulling, shredding and messing it all up. What fun!



Outside into the big wide world!

Today was the pups first outing into the big wide world. They were loaded into the washing basket and carried out to a prepared picnic area on the grass where they had lunch. Their first few meals of “real” food was mushed into porridge to make eating it easier. Some were hesitant at first but soon enjoyed their lunch. Pretty soon they were all fast asleep – after lunch nap… until….. Mommy Jade came along. As Jade cleaned up, the pups had their dessert of mommy-milk-shake.


The pups now respond every time I go into their room. They wake up and look around to see who is there and when I greet them they respond with little barks and growls. They are discovering each other and gum each other in play….. for about 2 mins at a time before they go to sleep again.  Their little teeth are just about to break through their gums… I am sure by next week we will have some little points and then weaning will start.

We can hear!

Yesterday evening I went into the puppy room and greeted the babies as I usually do and got a greeting back!! The little ears are starting to open! Almost all the pups woke up and “looked” around / turned their heads to see / smell what was there. One little pup even growled and barked at me!! Such a sweet little hi-pitch bark …. trying so hard to sound aggressive! 🙂


One Week old – all good

The puppies are a week old now and have doubled their birth weights. It is always so interesting to see how within one litter some pups are naturally bigger and some naturally smaller. Nevertheless every pup is well and strong and growing. They spend all day (and night) just sleeping, eating and growing. Jade still stimulates their little tummies for bowel movements which she cleans by licking (nappy change). [I am so glad I am not a mommy-dog!] Jade herself is well and healing very nicely from her operation. She likes to go out for sunshine and fresh air for 10 – 20 mins two or three times a day. Otherwise she is busy sleeping, feeding, cleaning and making milk.

The bars in the puppy box are stop Jade lying right up against the side in case she squashes a puppy. Pups “swim” all around her – they cant walk yet. They still do puppy-crawling / ‘swimming’.


Pictures on Birth Day








Dramatic Birth Day

After waiting all day 24th and 25th December for the imminent arrival of the puppies, with Jade showing all the typical signs of “getting ready”, she final went into labour at 11:30pm on night of 26th December. First baby was a healthy baby girl as was her sister who arrived at 01:00 on 27th December. Then nothing – no contractions for a 3+hours. Jade had a discharge which we put to the placenta of the second puppy, but when a second discharge followed with no puppy and no contractions, we decided to take urgent action. So at 4:30am we were off to Fourways Veterinary Hospital (the only one open 24/7/365 in our area) with Jade and both babies. 

After examining her and finding no blockages,they took x-rays and did a scan to determine how many might still be inside and whether the babies were in any distress. Thereafter, they gave her an oxytocin injection, which caused her to deliver another 5 babies. Sadly one was stillborn. At 6:30 am we were sent home again with the growing family to deliver the rest of the litter. The x-rays showed at least another 2 or 3 babies to come. Chris took a nap for an hour and then I took a nap during which Chris helped deliver one more baby. He’s becoming quite the puppy midwife now!! But then once again, no more contractions. We knew for sure there were at least 2 more inside to come. So at 12:00, Jade and I went back to Fourways Vet Hospital for another oxytocin injection, leaving Chris to take care of the pups. For a public holiday, they were unbelievably busy, but having phoned ahead we were allowed to jump the queue as Mommy-dog was ‘in labour’. 

Jade was again x-rayed and it was confirmed that there were still 2 babies inside. One oxytocin, then another, then a third, every half hour … and still no contractions. I finally agreed with the vet to call in their specialist surgeon to do a Caesarian at an estimated exorbitant cost!!! There was a bulldog also requiring a C-section there at the same time. Just as they were about to prepare Jade for surgery, she started contracting and delivered the second-last baby. We all agreed to let the bulldog go first for her C-section. Jade received a second calcium shot and a fourth oxytocin shot (half an hour minimum between each oxytocin). By 3pm, I suggested that Chris bring the other new-borns through to be fed. I really had not expected to be spending another 5 hours at the hospital with Jade! The doc agreed that feeding the others may well bring on the last baby. We cancelled the surgery. At 4:45 we were sent home in the hopes that the last baby would still arrive. Chris and I were both happy with this as our regular vet would be available between 5 – 6pm to take over.

After letting the babies feed, Chris once again stayed with the puppies while I took Jade to our wonderful Radiokop Animal Clinic where Dr Philip Stapelberg and Dr Caitlin Dewey did the c-section and delivered the last puppy – another little girl. We all agreed to get Jade spayed while doing the caesarian operation. I became the paediatric nurse and took care of the new-born, keeping her warm and close while the doctors finished the op. Jade, Baby and I then went home arriving 8:30pm after a very long day!

The end result – 6 girls and 3 boys! All strong and healthy. Jade is doing very well and has once again resumed being the most wonderful mother to her last litter.

Many thanks to all the doctors and nurses who helped us along the way!

Jade the blimp

Here is Jade 2 days before giving birth….jade-the-blimp