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The vet came to visit

The vet came today to inoculate, micro-chip and deworm everybody. He was here 2 hours checking everyone out, filling in forms and doing all that needed to be done. Thanks to Carole and Joshua for their help! We forgot to take pictures, but here’s Carole and Josh on a previous visit.














Bags and ‘brollies

Today was the day we introduced the pups to umbrellas and shopping bags. Umbrellas can be quite scary if opened too quickly, so we started off by introducing a closed umbrella, then an upright umbrellas that taps like a walking stick, and finally we slowly opened it and put it on the ground for them to explore. The last phase was opening and closing the umbrella until they got used to its movement and sound.

























Bags were not so scary even thought they make crackly rustly noises. In fact unpacking the bag was fun.



Afternoon naps

The pups now have free access to the outside yard. We open the door in the morning and close them in safely at night. During the day they can come in and go out as they want. There is usually a blanket or two left in the yard for them to sleep on when they’re finished playing, of course.











A time to drink….

One Saturday morning we had a lot of visitors. The people were served home made lemonade. Sitting on the grass with the pups, somebody left their glass on the grass, which the pups found….. and smelled….. and tasted….. needless to say it was YUKKY!


















AND now we are FIVE weeks old!

Time is flying! The pups are getting to know their environment. They are learning about people and toys and having new experiences every day. They have learnt to go up and down the steps and feel different textures under their paws – sand, stones, cement, grass….

IMG_1498 IMG_1499 IMG_1523 IMG_1533

Three to four weeks old

Jade seldomIMG_1457┬álies down to feed – the pups are getting too big and competitive on her teats.






She now prefers to stand and let the pups reach up and feed off her as she steadies herself to their sucking and pulling on her. I can feel little teeth breaking through. When they bite her, she walks of and leaves them.


















We started the weaning process with the pups first meal of “porridge”. First they sniffed it, then some ventured to taste it. They all had a taste and ate a small amount each. Jade cleaned up once they had finished. Then the box got its daily sterilizing and refreshing. Today (30 July) the pups went on to the grass for the first time, where they had their second meal of porridge. Needless to say faces, ears feet all got porridged.

















As Jade cleaned their bowls, they swallowed it all down with a sip from the “milk lorry”. Then was time for a bit of exploring.



Third week

The puppies are longer in body-length now. This is most noticeable when Jade lies down for them to feed off her. They are almost as long as her legs now. The little ones are discovering themselves and learning to clean themselves. They are also discovering that they have siblings. The eyes and ears are open now and they are responding to sound and movement. Legs are still wobbly when walking and some are learning to walk on their toes (as dogs do) instead of flat-footed.

Jade lies down to feed.










Discovering my little world










Getting to know myself. The pups bite on their own legs and tails to discover who they are.


NEW LITTER!! July 2015

We are proud to welcome 12 little Irish Setters to the world! They arrived 3 July all strong and healthy!

Here is Jade just before giving birth. We had no idea there were so many little ones inside!

Pregnant Jade 2 July








First puppy arrives!










And then there were 2! and 3! and 4!…..










So tiny! Between 320g and 380g weight.










The family grows!