About Setters

Setters are very playful dogs, with lots of energy and drive. They are wonderful pets and wonderful companions. They love to run and play and are very faithful.

The worst thing that you can do to a Setter is to ignore him / her, as then the dog will be miserable and will get up to mischief. Setters do need their boundaries, however, because if you let the dog, it will rule you. So you must be the one to enforce where the dog can go in the house, where it can sleep, whether it is allowed on the furniture, etc.

They are excellent family dogs and get along very well with both other dogs and with children. Setters are also excellent companion dogs.

To watch these beautiful dogs run and play is just such a special experience. They are full of energy and play so well, either with things, or one another. Just to watch them run is like poetry in motion.

Due to their high energy levels, they are not for small townhouses, and do not do well in small gardens. They need space!.

Setters love coming inside and choose to be where the people are. Given half a chance, they will be on your bed, so discipline is needed, should you want them not to sleep on your bed, or the furniture.

As they are birding dogs, they love chasing birds, but also have the most remarkably soft mouths, so if they catch a bird, which they sometimes do, they will generally not hurt it, but will bring it to you to show off.

Most Setters love water, and will take the chance of going for a swim in either your swimming pool, your fish pond, or the local river or dam, when out for a walk.

  1. Carmen Thurnher

    Hi there , my family and I are huge Irish setter lovers. Having owned one many years ago we have decided that there is yet again place in our hearts for another Irish setter. Are any of your beautiful puppies going to be made available for adoption ? Please contact me.

  2. Hi do you have any pups available we love the breed!!

    We are expecting our next litter early in 2017.

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