About Karisah Kennels

KARISAH KENNELS (kar-is-ah) is a top class breeding kennel of Irish Setters based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have been operational since 2002 and focus on quality Setters from top breeding stock. Karisah Kennels is registered with KUSA – the Kennel Union of South Africa – and has attained “Accredited breeder” status with KUSA. WE use only our best dogs for breeding and have numerous show champions.


Telephone: 011-462-3781 (Karen)

Cell: 083-377-8916 (Chris)

Email: karenblack@global.co.za

  1. Hi Karen, I am very keen to have an Irish Setter. Please be kind enough to get in touch with me. I grew up with a beautiful male Setter and had a wonderful female who died a few years ago in Durban. I met one of your puppies walking in the park this morning!
    Hope to hear from you,


    • Hi Antoinette
      Thanks for your enquiry! I don’t have pups at present, but I know Bridget Simpson in the Cape has one little boy left from her latest litter. Perhaps try her on 028-423-3934. Please let me know how you go.
      best regards

  2. Hi there,
    I am enquiring about your setters as I am interested in the possibility of getting one, not in the too near future however. I understand they are difficult to find, and I’d most likely go on a waiting list for one should you have a litter. If you could provide me with more information etc, that would me much appreciated.

  3. Hi Do you have any puppies at the moment please?

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