One Week old – all good

The puppies are a week old now and have doubled their birth weights. It is always so interesting to see how within one litter some pups are naturally bigger and some naturally smaller. Nevertheless every pup is well and strong and growing. They spend all day (and night) just sleeping, eating and growing. Jade still stimulates their little tummies for bowel movements which she cleans by licking (nappy change). [I am so glad I am not a mommy-dog!] Jade herself is well and healing very nicely from her operation. She likes to go out for sunshine and fresh air for 10 – 20 mins two or three times a day. Otherwise she is busy sleeping, feeding, cleaning and making milk.

The bars in the puppy box are stop Jade lying right up against the side in case she squashes a puppy. Pups “swim” all around her – they cant walk yet. They still do puppy-crawling / ‘swimming’.



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  1. Thanks, Karen. So enjoy your updates about the puppies! They are absolutely beautiful puppies. Can’t stop looking at them.

    Regards, Sue

  2. Hi there. Is this breed prepared to cuddle with it’s owner? I have never really met an Irish Setter before. I had a wonderful Golden Retriever who was like a child to me. She used to sleep with me and we did Obedience Training, we were almost inseparable. I had never been able to find that kind of love again. PS what do you ask for your puppies?

    • Hi Esta, Big YES to companionship and affection. Most Setters are VERY cuddly and want to be with you all the time. We have taken most of our dogs to Obedience classes and have done well with the dogs who enjoyed it. Setters are also gun dogs like Goldies and have a similar temperament.

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